Thursday, September 4, 2008

Round 2!

Here's another attempt! 3 new colors this time around :/ they worked well together. I sorta just worked my way around the color picker! lol enjoy nonetheless... Might be a few more of these on my own until I actually pick up a reference :| I like the feeling of working around the face until it looks right. That's probably a bad thing but I'll learn :)

Oh, more white hair too... since I don't know how to paint it yet. ADVENTURE!

Edit 3/4/2009: MAAAAAAN the lips are really flat looking here. Back to the drawing board I suppose!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

stupid attempt

I wanna try painting but... I need to get materials.

Here's an attempt at painting in SAI without reference based on what I know :/ Which isn't saying a lot! Also it's because I'm too stubborn to use ref other than using myself or a model. I'm scared of thinking someone would think I ripped off a pose or something. I will draw as needed with a model until I know the body well enough >:I So basically... I paint from memory of what I know (I know, sounds like something every artist does blah blah) but I don't mean it that way. What I'm saying is.. because I don't sketch often, I try to compile everything I've examined, learned and liked about things I've seen into something I can put on paper (or screen) Without having to draw it over and over to get it right. I honestly try to get it right the first time around, which is why it's so frustrating the second or third time around! I'll keep scribbling on the same picture until it looks right out of too much pride for my work. :) So yea... seeing as I don't paint it's not TOO horrid! For that I'm glad.

Turned out nice to start but then I added solid elements in and yea... not the best idea but it's what I like to do. Maybe one day I can make it work to my advantage. You know, when it doesn't suck! But that's not what this blog is for. Maybe one day I'll come back and finish it. I was genuinely tired of looking at it. Her chin and face in general is misshapen... and I feel some elements I had at the beginning I sort of scribbled around have been lost. The lips flattened out alot too, maybe even need to be nudged higher... got alot of contrast issues... her eyebrows are brown and kinda high up and the same color as the skin... ugh, there are so many things I could point out but I'm sick of judging myself. Time to try again... this time with reference!
I do enjoy the nose though (:3

Monday, May 26, 2008


Took me about an hour... I tried my coloring again... but I'm horrible at picking colors. I'm glad it looks SOMEwhat cool though. Just the color choices weren't what I hoped for. Enjoy... cause I'll never finish.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

One of my old sculptures

Upon request~

I feel I can do soooo much better now. Sorry about the bad photos and lighting...

Friday, April 25, 2008

concept update

Just fixed her face... that's all. May change later if I find something more wrong with it. I'm nitpicky like that. :P It's alot different when you see it straight ahead on the screen rather than laying on the table.

Moar concepts

So my task is to work on the valkyrie in pre production class. I am so thrilled. Not only that, everyone said it was alright that I do the maquette! So expect to see this woman in clay sometime next month!

So here were some more costume changes... Well, one anyways. The purpose was to incorporate feathers, they didn't like the bodice too much on this one but wanted to incorporate more of the older version I had, (hair, etc) in to this one. I tried to make a feathered skirt, they liked that but told me to make it shorter! So WILL DO!

Everyone throughout the weeks decided to do drawings in their style so.. I thought I'd drop the JL one and go with my own for a bit. This next one is only a template so I can draw clothes over it. I started in class but then continued at home... IN THE DARK. So that's why my lines are insane. I used a 2H pencil, then an HB for the darker lines, and a .03 mechanical pencil for detail. I'm going to erase and reposition the head since it's been bothering me. Otherwise it's fine.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lichtenstein + Chipotle= ???

Yea, pretty much stayed up doing this... it's not perfect, and I'm not too proud of it. But what I AM proud of is that I actually attempted at something and didn't stop. I guess I'll revise this for the second turn in in week 7... I really wanted to give it that screen tone look but photoshop wasn't working for me.. ah well. All in all it's an ok piece. Thanks goes to for the subject and the artist... Lord knows I'd spend all night trying to think of my theme...

So yea... I have to get up early tomorrow and finish off the valkyrie. Not entirely FINISH but.. make more dress concepts. :/ and revise two short scripts.

Also, Mortal Kombat VS DC Comics? INSANE.... I don't know what to think of it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Late night arts!

It should be the name of my blog instead of Ramblings of the Divine. And just so you know, the "divine" is Alpha Technogoddess. Long story... very childish story, but I like to keep the name around... Anyways! Remember how I said I liked the smooth shading with the bold high lights? I forgot I did this picture a while ago.. it's nothing much but it was fun to do and mess around with colors. My friend says it looks like she's about to BAAAWWWW. I hadn't noticed till he mentioned it but it's true :)
Also, here's a picture I drew for my friend. It's her wolf/lion character. Though it's a bit messy I'm kinda happy with it. Some things seem off but I'm not worried about that now.

Alot of weight from school seems to be lifted from my shoulders. After this quarter we have break. I am going to use that time to do some things for myself to become better as an artist. No visiting family for more than a few days! They like to keep me for a week sometimes and frankly I can't take that :P Love them though. Anyways. Check out my friends art at FA or DA if you'd like and

There are others I'd like to mention, but in due time! :D

Also, I'm sorry that if you click the images they become too large. I'm starting to draw bigger nowadays, about 500dpi. I used to do 300 but on my desktop it seems quite small.

~Karrie, out.

Practice makes... experience for later?

I have the bad bad HORRIBLE habit of staying up late and becoming inspired to draw or do something creative. Once I start, sometimes it's hard to stop. Lately I've been reading a book on character design, Tom Bancroft I believe? Creating characters with personality! His book has inspired me a bit to throw in some extra details I wouldn't of though of into my characters.. I've only skimmed the book and haven't really applied anything yet but... HERE is a half naked chick for to enjoy!

I'm still working on coloring... I've become very afraid of it because I can't blend the colors like I want nor do I know how to compliment the shades with the actual skin tone without it looking too harsh against the skin. But I do like the tan/pink combo I see alot... Can't use that all the time though. But I'm starting out slow! I really enjoy the bright highlight though, against the soft shading... I'm still a sucker for hard edges... but NOT on my shades.. like I said it looks a bit too harsh.

So tonight here's another attempt! I stayed up last night and did that bleach blonde chick, and this one.. I tried to blend more... If you can't tell, I love to draw faces!

I started drawing with the pink I had for the shade from last time. Usually when I start a new picture I pick up with the last color I used and start from there. Makes it a little fun and it's amazing to see whatyou come up with. Though it's kind of disappointing to not finish things sometimes.. I know I learned something from it.

Here's something I was working on in class. Took 3 hours but it seemed to go over well with the class. I was hoping it would, because if it didn't I'd still be pleased with the work.

I was to draw a valkyrie in the New Frontier justice league style and bam, with the requirements I was given composed this. It's only a concept so... alot will need to be worked out. I think I'll post more here on it when we get more feedback on the actual character.

More on the story later.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

First post! Woohoo!

I like to work on something quickly sometimes... It may not look great, but I most likely always come back to it later and fix it! Here's an example... I'm kind of happy with it.

So you see... I guess it's not so bad to doodle without thinking sometimes and drawing the swirls in her hair were very fun! I hope to do alot more now that I'm trying, because as an artist I'm quite disappoint with my progression. Let's hope this goes well! ;)