Thursday, April 17, 2008

Late night arts!

It should be the name of my blog instead of Ramblings of the Divine. And just so you know, the "divine" is Alpha Technogoddess. Long story... very childish story, but I like to keep the name around... Anyways! Remember how I said I liked the smooth shading with the bold high lights? I forgot I did this picture a while ago.. it's nothing much but it was fun to do and mess around with colors. My friend says it looks like she's about to BAAAWWWW. I hadn't noticed till he mentioned it but it's true :)
Also, here's a picture I drew for my friend. It's her wolf/lion character. Though it's a bit messy I'm kinda happy with it. Some things seem off but I'm not worried about that now.

Alot of weight from school seems to be lifted from my shoulders. After this quarter we have break. I am going to use that time to do some things for myself to become better as an artist. No visiting family for more than a few days! They like to keep me for a week sometimes and frankly I can't take that :P Love them though. Anyways. Check out my friends art at FA or DA if you'd like and

There are others I'd like to mention, but in due time! :D

Also, I'm sorry that if you click the images they become too large. I'm starting to draw bigger nowadays, about 500dpi. I used to do 300 but on my desktop it seems quite small.

~Karrie, out.

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