Thursday, April 17, 2008

Practice makes... experience for later?

I have the bad bad HORRIBLE habit of staying up late and becoming inspired to draw or do something creative. Once I start, sometimes it's hard to stop. Lately I've been reading a book on character design, Tom Bancroft I believe? Creating characters with personality! His book has inspired me a bit to throw in some extra details I wouldn't of though of into my characters.. I've only skimmed the book and haven't really applied anything yet but... HERE is a half naked chick for to enjoy!

I'm still working on coloring... I've become very afraid of it because I can't blend the colors like I want nor do I know how to compliment the shades with the actual skin tone without it looking too harsh against the skin. But I do like the tan/pink combo I see alot... Can't use that all the time though. But I'm starting out slow! I really enjoy the bright highlight though, against the soft shading... I'm still a sucker for hard edges... but NOT on my shades.. like I said it looks a bit too harsh.

So tonight here's another attempt! I stayed up last night and did that bleach blonde chick, and this one.. I tried to blend more... If you can't tell, I love to draw faces!

I started drawing with the pink I had for the shade from last time. Usually when I start a new picture I pick up with the last color I used and start from there. Makes it a little fun and it's amazing to see whatyou come up with. Though it's kind of disappointing to not finish things sometimes.. I know I learned something from it.

Here's something I was working on in class. Took 3 hours but it seemed to go over well with the class. I was hoping it would, because if it didn't I'd still be pleased with the work.

I was to draw a valkyrie in the New Frontier justice league style and bam, with the requirements I was given composed this. It's only a concept so... alot will need to be worked out. I think I'll post more here on it when we get more feedback on the actual character.

More on the story later.

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