Friday, April 25, 2008

Moar concepts

So my task is to work on the valkyrie in pre production class. I am so thrilled. Not only that, everyone said it was alright that I do the maquette! So expect to see this woman in clay sometime next month!

So here were some more costume changes... Well, one anyways. The purpose was to incorporate feathers, they didn't like the bodice too much on this one but wanted to incorporate more of the older version I had, (hair, etc) in to this one. I tried to make a feathered skirt, they liked that but told me to make it shorter! So WILL DO!

Everyone throughout the weeks decided to do drawings in their style so.. I thought I'd drop the JL one and go with my own for a bit. This next one is only a template so I can draw clothes over it. I started in class but then continued at home... IN THE DARK. So that's why my lines are insane. I used a 2H pencil, then an HB for the darker lines, and a .03 mechanical pencil for detail. I'm going to erase and reposition the head since it's been bothering me. Otherwise it's fine.

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