Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Working hard

And hardly working on art.

Gotta pay that rent :/ Anyways, here's some things I've been working on-- on and off.

This was supposed to be for darkstalkers tribute but I never finished the sketch. I still want to finish though. Wasn't sure if I wanted her floating or standing, etc etc... yeaaaaah. If I finished it, my boyfriend would've agreed to collab and color it for me. I wish I hadn't let him and myself down in that aspect. It was really great incentive to get it done. I fuckin love his coloring.

Next is a commission I got through to the sketch phase and the guy wanted me to change it completely. Angle and all based on another picture he later gave me as a guide so.... lol guess I'll be using the pose for some other character or somethin.
I make things too hard for myself without using reference. I've really slowed in progression because I feel slight guilt in it. Thinking people will recognize what I used. I'm dumb because I know how to reference but don't. What I really like to do instead of ref is to gesture constantly. That way I learn how the figure moves through constant practice rather than using a guide. Granted, I will use a hand ref in a heartbeat. My own hand of course. But yeah, power to those who do use reference! I just can't seem to want to pick something that strikes my fancy, nor do I know how to go about it... Other than filming my own of course.

I'll give myself one thing though-- I'll redraw a line till it looks right! I love painting faces at times, going off of memory. I feel like I learn alot that way, painting what I remember from past failures and what I see on a day to day basis. Faces of friends and loved ones. The lights, how they reflect in shapes.

As soon as my internet gets cut back on I'm going to do pose maniacs on my days off. I'm so sick of not knowing anymore. So sick of feeling stuck when I draw from my head.

We'll see!

Also, I drew some dudes. Yes I draw them. Maybe they'll be up in the future.


FeliciaDW said...

I love your sketches though as much as your finished work <3

Alpha Technogoddess said...

thanksh man~